Newton Brand ND-ADAkit Stainless Steel XLERATOR Recess Kits

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Install an XLERATOR Recess Kit to Make Your Hand Dryer ADA CompliantDo I Need a Splash Guard?

Choose the superior quality and fast shipping times of our Stainless Steel Newton Brand ND-ADAkit Recess Kit. This XLERATOR recess kit is designed to allow you to recess your dryer into the wall making it ADA compliant. Granted, ADA compliancy is different from state to state, but 4" from the wall is pretty standard. In other words, you are better off being safe and installing your XLERATOR with a recess kit to ensure all guidelines are met. After that, you don't have to worry about inspectors not approving your project's restroom.

Do I Need a Splash Guard?

The bottom of the recess kit does collect some of the ware blown off your hands by the hand dryer. Luckily, not enough collects to cause any worry about mold growth. In addition, the stainless steel is extremely easy to keep clean. Many customers find it worth installing a splash guard also to further protect their walls. This product listing is only for the XLERATOR recess kit, but we can put together a bundled package for you if you call in. Our reps are available to help with your restroom needs and XLERATORs and their accessories are our specialty.

Are Hand Dryers Worth the Price?

Simply put, yes! Fun fact, buying the XLERATOR hand dryer, recess kit, and splash guard is still cheaper than ordering most brand name competitors. Overall, the money you will save compared to paper towels is insane! The dryer pays for itself within one year in most cases, check for yourself

Recess kits and splash guards are low maintenance products. Therefore you aren't paying staff to clean up after them like you would with paper towels. So yes, you will save a LOT of money by installing XLERATORs and the hand dryer recess kit. Did you know that XLERATORs and their accessories are all Made in America. But for real, like completely made in America. Competitors are "Assembled in America". Therefore, they imported everything cheaply to charge you more. XLERATOR products are Made in America Certified and hand assembled. In other words, these hand dryer recess kits are top quality at a great price! 

Splash Guard Compatibility with XLERATOR Hand Dryers

The ND-ADAkit is an ADA Recess Kit developed by Newton Distributing for the XLERATOR hand dryer.  Newton’s kit is compatible with all XLERATOR hand dryers.

  • Compatible with XLERATOR hand dryers
  • ADA Compliant
  • Installs flush with walls
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Satin finish
Mount your XLERATOR hand dryer inside your wall to keep your restroom ADA compliant with our recess kit! Enjoy the sleek appearance while keeping the dryer accessible to your customers. 


  • Width: 16 3/8"
  • Depth: 3 3/8"
  • Height: 26"

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