XLERATOR eco with HEPA Filter Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer (No Heat Technology)

ExcelSKU: XL-BW-ECO HEPA 110/120V

Color: XL-BW White Resin Cover
Voltage: 110/120 Voltage
Sale price$670.00


This XLERATOR has a pre-installed HEPA filter that removes 99.999% of viruses from the airstream.
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With the ECO, HEPA XLERATOR, you can install multiple hand dryers on one circuit allowing for more annual savings in your facility. Individual XLERATOR hand dryers comes in two voltage options. Always make sure you are picking the proper voltage for your restroom or confirm with your electrician. 110/120 Voltage or 208/277 Voltage are available. 

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Choose Your Cover: 

  • The XL-BW features a white resin molded cover. 
  • The XL-W features a white metal cover. 
  • The XL-GR features a textured graphite cover. 
  • The XL-SB features a brushed stainless steel cover. 
  • The XL-C features a chrome plated cover. 

The ECO XLERATOR hand dryers dry super fast even without the heating element. Choosing the XLERATOR ECO allows you to install multiple hand dryers on one circuit making it more cost efficient for your facility. 


  • 10 Second Dry Time
  • Wattage: 425W-530W
  • Innovative No Heat Technology
  • Can Install Multiple Units on One Circuit
  • Building Green Approved
  • 7-Year Limited Warranty

Our pricing is GUARANTEED to be the lowest since Newton Distributing is a trusted distributor of all hand dryers from Excel Dryer. Call us for pricing, availability, warranty issues, trouble shooting, special requests… anything! XLERATORS are 100% made in the USA with more options than any other hand dryer competitor. 

Excel Dryer is the top brand for high speed restroom hand dryers and the XLERATOR is well known among the general public. Everyone who has used a public restroom has encountered the dryer that can blow your skin around. Granted their are others who have copied the concept but haven't captured the magic of the original high powered hand dryer. Being 100% made in the USA allows for the best quality and a great warranty, something the competitors can not compete with. In most cases, the original XLERATORs that came off the first production line are still out there working perfectly fine. This is a standard with all of Excel Dryer products, most of the older models are still functioning, unless they've been replaced by the XLERATOR. 


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