XLERATOR® - XL 5 - Air Outlet Assembly Nozzle

ExcelSKU: XL 5-2

Model: XL 5 - Air Outlet Assembly - Nozzle .8 diameter (includes #34 gasket) - Stock# 62
Sale price$9.00


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Excel Dryer XL-5 & XL-5-2 Air Outlet Assembly

  • XL-5 unit is a 0.8 diameter nozzle and comes standard with most XLERATOR hand dryers.
  • The XL-5-2 part number is a 1.1 diameter sound reducing XLERATOR® nozzle.

Both nozzles produce a great performance from the XLERATOR® hand dryers. The 1.1 is the quieter option of the two. The units are held in by 3 Philips-Head Screws and are easy to replace. Through this page, both units are available and in stock, ready to ship.

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XLERATOR® Hand dryer performance details are based on use of 0.8 inch diameter nozzle.

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