TRUEBRO Lavatory Guard 102 E-Z


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TRUEBRO Lavatory Guard 102 E-Z

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Lav Guard 102 E-Z has one P-trap cover, two angle valves and supply covers. Lav Guards provide the durable, attractive, ADA- compliant undersink protection that the original Truebro LAV GUARD® is famous for. Built-in E-Z Grip fasteners and internal E-Z Tear-To-Fit trimming features eliminate the need for tools, and provide for a clean, tamper-resistant, super-fast professional installation.

Easy-to-clean, White Color, antimicrobial vinyl minimizes maintenance.

LAV GUARD 2 is molded from impact-resistant, stain-resistant, antimicrobial vinyl. Its smooth surface makes it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

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