StepNpull is the Touchfree Door Opener

Model: Silver StepNPull
Sale price$29.99


StepNpull, Inc. StepNpull Touchfree Door Opener

The StepNpull comes in Gold, Silver and Copper.

The StepNpull® hands-free foot operated door opener is a simple yet effective way to open any latchless commercial door. The user simply places their foot on top of the StepNpull® with a moderate amount of pressure and then pulls the door open in one easy motion, step and pull. Most users become very comfortable with the StepNpull® after using it only a few times. The pulling motion used to open the door is very similar to taking a step which feels surprisingly natural to the user. Depending on the door, most users are able to gain enough door momentum while pulling the door open that they need not even touch the door with their upper body. The door swings open and out of their way. It's also an effective aid when trying to open a latched door with a lever handle. The user can disengage the latch by pushing down on the handle with their arm or elbow and then simultaneously pull the door open with their foot.

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