Sloan Valve WES-150 Universal Waterfree Urinal Cartridge (Single)

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Sloan Valve WES-150 Cartridge Kit replacement for Sloan Waterfree Urinals

There are four primary functions of the cartridge system. First, the cartridge acts as a funnel, allowing liquid from the bowl to flow into the cartridge. Second, the Sloan WES-150 cartridge holds the sealant liquid. As liquid waste enters the cartridge, our sealant liquid creates a barrier between the waste and open air, thus eliminating all odors. Third, the WES-150 cartridge acts as a filter for uric sediment. Much of the sediment that can cause drainage pipe corrosion is trapped at the bottom of the cartridge. Fourth, the Sloan Valve WES-150 and WES160 cartridge allows the remaining waste to be freely disposed of down the drain. Sloan WES-150 Heavy-Duty Cartridge.

The cartridge is the main component and is installed at the base of the urinal. A biodegradable sealant liquid is contained within the cartridge. A barrier is formed between the drain and the open air by the liquid sealant, eliminating odors. The Sloan Valve WES-150 cartridge is designed to collect uric sediment, the remaining liquid, which is non-corrosive and free of hard water, is allowed to flow into the drainage pipe. The result: no wasted water and an odor-free environment. Maintenance is performed by replacing the WES-150 cartridge after 7000 uses with a provided key.

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