Sloan Valve SJS-1101 Foam Soap Refills for SJS-1100

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Sloan Jansan SJS-1101, Model #5700501


Liquid Soap Refills.

Quantity of six 1000 mL bag refills per case.

See below for more information.

Sloan Valve SJS-1101 Foam Soap Refills for the SJS-1100 Unit.
This foam soap comes in a 1000 mL bag for an easy to change refill. The SJS-1101 refills come in a case of 6. Therefore, 6 bags per case ship from our stock quickly and safely.
For more details or to order Sloan Valve soap refills, please contact us.

ended for pull-open, exit restroom doors; however, they should not be used where the backward swing of a door could reach an unsuspecting person using a lavatory, towel dispenser, or other restroom equipment.


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