Sloan Valve ESD-200 and ESD-250 Automatic Soap Dispensers

Sloan ValveSKU: 3346052

Model: ESD-200-LT CP less transformer
Sale price$321.36


The Sloan Valve ESD-200 is offered with a Plug In Transformer.
The ESD-250 Automatic soap dispenser is battery operated.
These two electronic soap dispensers are counter mounted and use liquid soap that i s beneficial to keeping any restroom hygienic.

Sloan Valve Liquid, Lotion Soap Dispenser, the ESD-200 and ESD-250.

GREAT! Now that is out of the way, let's talk about hygiene. Automatic soap dispensers are the future. I know you have heard it before, but it is true. With all the COVID stuff and other germs and flus, better protect your customers and self with a touch-free restroom. An automatic soap dispenser like the ESD200 or 250 is a simple installation that could potentially save lives. Keep your restroom cleaner with Sloan Valve automatic soap dispensers. 

This sensor activated soap dispenser is counter mounted and allows for a nice restroom aesthetic feel. The unit is chrome plated and easily mounts into your counter for hands free activation. The automatic soap dispenser comes in two models, the ESD-200 uses a plug in adapter and must be hardwired into the wall. The Sloan Valve ESD-250 is battery operated which allows for easier maintenance when the batteries die. Sensor Activated Electronic Soap Dispenser. Touch-free operation improves hand washing hygiene while encouraging hand washing for improved sanitary protection. Economical pre-measured soap dispensing saves soap and money.
The Soap refill cartridge is easy to replace and provides a new mechanism and soap path with every replacement. Flashing red light indicates soap replacement required for continuous soap dispensing Flashing yellow light indicates low battery, promotes continuous operation (Model ESD-250). Eliminates untidy and clumsy refillable containers. Three-year Warranty (limited). As the user’s hands enter the beam’s effective range, the beam is reflected back into the sensor receiver and activates the solenoid valve allowing a single soap application to flow from the spout.



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