Bradley BRA 781 Series Channel Frame Mirror

BradleySKU: BRA 781 36 x 36"

Sale price$250.50


Bradley BRA 781 Series Channel Frame Mirror

  • Model 781 Series Float Glass Mirrors
  • Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Frame
  • Theft-Resistant Concealed Mounting
  • Alternate reflective surfaces available: tempered glass, laminate glass, satin finish stainless steel, bright annealed stainless steel and Plexiglas

FRAME: one-piece, roll-formed stainless steel with bright annealed finish. Channel is ¾" x ¾" x 7 ⁄16" with 90° mitered corners. Double strength continuous integral stiffener on all sides for added strength. BACK: galvanized steel. MIRROR: first quality ¼" float glass, thermosetting infrared cured paint backing with Poly-Glaze protective finish. Manufactured in accordance with ASTM C 1036 and ASTM C 1503. All edges protected by shock-absorbing, neoprene tubing. The back of the mirror is protected by a sheet of ¼" extruded polystyrene, which is placed between the mirror and the galvanized steel. MOUNTING BRACKETS: 18 gauge cold rolled steel.

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