Bradley BRA 6A00-11 Diplomat Liquid Soap and/or Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Bradley BRA 6A00-11 Diplomat Liquid Soap and/or Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
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Operation: Place hands under spout and hold to dispense liquid (2"-3" sensing range). Sight gauge indicates refill time. Refill by unlocking lock with special key (supplied), swinging open dispenser body. Remove cap to refill internal tank.
Installation: Verify all rough-in dimensions prior to installation. Secure separate mounting bracket with mounting screws (included) at holes provided. Unlock the cover. Open and remove tank and peristaltic tube. Secure unit to wall by installing the mounting screws. Install batteries (not included). Fill and replace the tank and peristaltic tube. Close and lock the cover.
Guide Specification: Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser: Bradley Corp. Diplomat Series Model 6A00: Surface-mounted automatic soap/sanitizer dispenser, with face formed with contemporary contours, radii, and finish matching related accessories in manufacturer's designer series. Capacity is 27 oz (800 ml). Viscosity of soap or sanitizer must be between 1 cps–3,000 cps (centipoise). Dispenser accommodates liquid soap, liquid hand sanitizer, and/or gel sanitizer. If liquid hand sanitizer is used, the sanitizer will be dispensed in a pooled form (not spray or mist). Equipped with hinged cover and completely concealed mounting plate. Vandal resistant filler hole cover and sight gauge. Corrosion-resistant liquid soap/gel sanitizer valve; peristaltic tube with self contained valve/nozzle. 
  • Surface-Mounted
  • Overall dimensions: 4⁵⁄₈"W x 10⁹⁄₁₆"H x 4³⁄₁₆"D.
  • Tank Type: Vertical
  • Dispenser Capacity: 27 oz. liquid soap, liquid hand sanitizer, and gel hand sanitizers
  • Viscosity Range: 1cps - 3,000cps (centipoise)
  • Liquid hand sanitizer must be 70%-95% ethanol solution
  • Battery-Operated: 3 "C" batteries (not included)
  • Diplomat Washroom Accessories designed with unique dual-curve geometry
  • Tested in high traffic settings for hundreds of thousands of cycles
  • Vandal-resistant filler hole cover and sight gauge

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