Bobrick B-8601 Panel-Mounted Soap Dispenser

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Bobrick B-8601 Panel-Mounted Soap Dispenser
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Corrosion-resistant valve mounts into 23/32" (18mm) diameter hole through 1-1/4" (32mm) to 2" (51mm) thick panel; projects 3-1/4" (83mm). Dispenses liquid and lotion soaps, and synthetic detergents. Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene container mounts on opposite side of panel and feeds soap valve through supply tube. Capacity 34-fl oz. (1.0L).

Valve — Chrome-plated brass cylinder. Stainless steel spring. U-packing seal and duckbill. Corrosion-resistant to most soaps and detergents. Equipped with nut, washer, supply tube, and PVC mounting 3-Barb adapter.

Container — Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene.

Capacity: 1.0-L (34-fl oz).

OPERATION: Push-in valve dispenses vegetable-oil liquid soaps, viscous lotion soaps, and synthetic detergents. Valve is operable with one hand, without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. Spring Replacement Kit available, order Part No. 8601-29. INSTALLATION: Valve is designed for installation through 18mm (23/32") diameter hole in 32 to 50mm (1-1/4" to 2") thick panel. Thread sealing tape, such as Teflon tape or similar, is recommended as a sealant on the exposed threads of the adapter where the soap valve threads onto it..

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