Bobrick B-8281 SureFlo FOAM Automatic, Top-Fill Bulk Soap Dispenser, Retrofit Solution

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Bobrick B-8281 SureFlo FOAM Automatic, Top-Fill Bulk Soap Dispensers, Retrofit Solution
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Bobrick has brought their A-game with the new B-8281 soap dispenser that acts as a retrofit solution. This concept means you can easily upgrade your restroom counterspace! Simply install the B-8281 into your existing 1" diameter counter hole. This leads to a new foam soap dispenser designed for high traffic, public restrooms. Soap dispensers like the B-8281 are great for aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Easy maintenance is crucial with the easy top-fill, bulk foam soap dispenser, lift the cap and fill! Minimize cross contamination and be able to use universal bulk foam soaps for significant cost-in-use savings! 

Designers Note:
Existing/Retrofit – Fits into existing 1″ (25.4mm) diameter counter holes for easy retrofit. Refer to installation instruction video below.

New installation – Ensure mounting hole is 1″ (25.4mm) in diameter. Refer to installation instruction with mounting template link

Spout and Stem Assembly — Above the counter, chrome plated ABS plastic spout. Unit is equipped with a spring loaded 180° rotatable lid with concealed locking mechanism for top filling. Rotatable lid mechanism consists of metal components. Integrated to Spout are a grey plastic Dispense Tip and Activation Lens Housing. Stem connects to Bottle. 1" Stem allows unit to be retrofit into an existing 1" diameter counter hole.

Foam Mixer Cartridge – Located inside grey nozzle tip, mixer cartridge has an integrated nylon mesh and nozzle tip is removable for mixer cartridge cleaning and maintenance.

Air Pump — Diaphragm operated electronic air pump connects to the air tube adapter and supplies air to the Foam Mixer Housing. Foam Mixer Housing – Plastic construction connects air tube and soap outlet into a mixing chamber to create a preliminary mixture of foam.

Soap Bottle — Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene. Capacity: 34-fl oz (1.0-L).

Pump and Soap Delivery System — A plastic Gear Pump submerged in the bottom of the Bottle, pumps the foam soap through a vinyl tube to spout.

Bottom Housing – Water-resistant, ABS plastic housing attached to the bottom of the Bottle houses the PC Board, motor that drives the Gear Pump, and the Gear Pump Housing. It includes a Portion Control Knob, Flush Button to allow for system cleaning and maintenance, a connector for the Fiber Optic cables, and Power Port.

Electronic Activation/Indication System – Pair of plastic Fiber Optic cables connects the plastic Activation Lenses to an IR Sensor located on a PC Board in the Bottom Housing. A third plastic Fiber Optic cable connects an LED located on the PC Board to an acrylic Lens at the tip of the Spout; a solid green LED indicates dispense activity and a red blinking LED indicates low battery life. All three cables are integrated into one Fiber Optic Connector Tip for ease of installation.

Battery Pack – Battery Pack comes standard. Battery Pack uses 4 Alkaline “D” cell batteries (not included). Optional 6V AC Adapter with U.S. Plug available, order Part No. 3974-57. For outlets not compatible with U.S. plugs, order Part No. 3974-55.

OPERATION: To fill dispenser, insert tip of standard key provided into opening of the concealed locking mechanism in the dispenser body to disengage door for quick and easy top filling. Lid will open for filling dispenser with bulk foam hand soap. Rotate door counterclockwise to close and lock in place. To activate dispenser, place hand under spout near the sensor for approximately 1/2 second. Spout will dispense foam that is generated by mixing air and foam soap. The

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