Bobrick B-8263 Automatic Soap Dispenser, Foam

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Model: Bobrick B-8263 Automatic Soap Dispenser, Foam
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Bobrick B-8263 Automatic Soap Dispenser, Foam
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Touch-free sensor detects user's hand to automatically dispense controlled amount (0.8ml) of soap; activation range is 4" (100mm) from sensor lens. Bright-polished chrome spout cover dispenses 1000 handwashes per 800ml or 2000 handwashes per 1600ml OneShot® soap refills, requires 4 "D" Cell batteries (not included). Maximum countertop mounting thickness is 2" (50mm) and contains a spacer for use with sink rim 3/4" (19mm) or greater.

Spout Cover Assembly — Bright Polished chrome plated plastic with LED light indicators. Red blinking LED indicates soap level is low, Yellow blinking LED indicates battery life is low. Equipped with integral plastic shank.

Motor Assembly — Water resistant, plastic construction, fits onto bottom of shank and top of soap refill.

Battery Pack — Water resistant, plastic material, holds 4 Alkaline "D" Cell Batteries. Batteries are included in Model B-8263.18 Starter Kit only. Average battery life is 90,000 cycles or 2 years.

Soap Refill — OneShot® Soap Refill. Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene bottle. Includes new supply tube and pump mechanism in each refill. Soap refill available in 27-fl oz (800ml) and 54-fl oz (1600ml) capacities. One 27-fl oz (800ml) bottle of Hand Soap with Moisturizers is included in Model B-8263.18 only. OneShot® is a registered trademark of Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

Optional Spacer — Plastic spacer is included for mounting dispenser when sink rim is 3/4" (19mm) high or greater.

OPERATION: Place hand under soap spout for approximately 2 seconds. Spout will dispense controlled amount (0.8ml) of Hand Soap with Moisturizers or Free 'n Clean Soap. 27-fl oz (800ml) soap refill provides 1000 hand washes, the 54 fl oz (1600ml) soap refill provides 2000 hand washes. Motor assembly is preset for 27-fl oz (800ml) soap refill (if 54-fl oz (1600ml) is used, a switch under the rubber plug next to red reset button must be moved to 2K). Once a new soap refill is connected, pressing the red reset button automatically resets the low soap indicator LED and primes the new soap refill.

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