Bobrick B-357 Seat Cover & Toilet Paper Dispenser with Napkin Disposal

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Bobrick B-357 Partition-Mounted, Seat-Cover Dispenser, Sanitary Napkin Disposal and Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Mounts centered through toilet partition. Used from both sides, serviced from one side. Capacity: 0.8‑gal. (3.0‑L). Holds 500 toilet seat covers and two rolls of tissue for each compartment. Theft-resistant spindles. Rough Partition Opening: 15 1⁄2″ W, 28 7⁄8″ H (395 x 735mm).

Available Models:
B-357, B-3571, B-3574 & B-3579

Partition-mounted toilet-seat-cover dispenser, sanitary napkin disposal, and toilet tissue dispenser shall be type-304 stainless steel with all-welded construction; exposed surfaces shall have satin finish. Toilet tissue dispenser shall be ABS plastic. Flanges shall be drawn and beveled, one-piece, seamless construction. Unit shall mount in partition and serve two toilet compartments. Door shall be one-piece, seamless construction; secured to cabinet with a full-length stainless steel piano-hinge; and equipped with two tumbler locks keyed like other Bobrick washroom accessories. Self-closing disposal panels shall be secured to cabinet with spring-loaded, full-length stainless steel piano-hinges, have hemmed edges and equipped with international graphic symbols identifying napkin disposal. Napkin disposal shall be furnished with a removable, leak-proof, molded polyethylene receptacle with a capacity of 0.8-gal. (3.0-L). Toilet-seat-cover dispenser and sanitary napkin disposal shall be serviced from one side only. Toilet-seat-cover dispenser shall be equipped with a plastic sight-barrier panel and hold 1000 paper covers. Unit shall be equipped with four theft-resistant, heavy-duty ABS toilet tissue spindles that hold standard-core rolls up to 5-1/4'' (135mm) diameter (1800 sheets). Spindles shall be removable from cabinet only when door is open.

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