Sloan Valve EBV550A-1.6/1.1 Exposed Sensor Water Closet Retrofit Flushometer (3325501)

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Sloan Valve EBV550A-1.6/1.1 Exposed Sensor Water Closet Retrofit Flushometer (3325501)

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    1.6/1.1 gpf, Polished Chrome Finish, Fixture Connection Top Spud, Dual Flush, Battery, Exposed Sensor Water Closet Retrofit Flushometer.

    • Flush Volume: 1.6/1.1 gpf (6.0/4.2 Lpf)
    • Finish: Polished Chrome (CP)
    • Power Type: Battery ()
    • Battery Life: 3 years
    • Valve: Diaphragm/Piston
    • Fixture Type: Water Closet
    • Fixture Connection: Top Spud

          Sleek design that can retrofit any old school flushometer!

          Turn your old flush valve into a modern, automatic flush valve with a Sloan Valve retrofit kit. Your customers will no doubt appreciate the beautiful design and look you provide in your high traffic, commercial restroom. These high quality flush valve retrofit kits fight vandalism while offering an easy automatic use and a manual flush alternative.

          These products are quiet and designed as exposed Optima Plus® units which are battery powered with sensor activation. The units meet ADA Compliance in most cases with automatic “No Hands” operation. The modern look also includes the chrome plated sensor housing and non-hold-open true mechanical override full flush button. This user friendly flush valve kit can no External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation!

          These Sloan Valve side mount retrofit kit units can be used on standard rough-in Sloan, Royal, Regal, Crown and Zurn flushometers.

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