ThinAir-W-HEPA ADA Compliant Slim Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer


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ThinAir-W Hand Dryers are ADA Compliant with a Slim, Modern Design Ideal for Any Restroom.

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The ThinAirHEPA hand dryer was the original ADA compliant hand dryer with a faster drying speed than older models. This ADA compliant unit is a superior product in quality versus the competitors. Other brands offer a lot but do not have the quality to support a long life in a high traffic restroom. Your company installs hands dryers to support a lower annual cost versus paper towels and still save on electricity. The Excel ThinAirHEPA gives you all of that and a long life. You may see other ADA complaint hand dryers with high speed drying, but they jump on the bandwagon with quick manufacturing and cheap parts! Excel Dryer has always believed in high quality and rely on most of their components being made specifically in the USA!

Don't trust the knock offs, or out of country products. Products made in America have more quality than the competitors meaning Excel Dryer can give better warranties. The ThinAirHEPA has an amazing warranty program just like the XLERATOR. The hand dryer lasts longer and you have the manufacturer's support to keep that machine going for a lifetime. Choose the ADA compliant hand dryer that lasts with the ThinAir from Excel. 

From the Manufacturer:

The NEW Excel Dryer ThinAirHEPA Hand Dryer joins the efforts of the XLERATOR in offering better restroom hygiene. These high powered hand dryers dry hands in under fifteen seconds*, using 960 watts or less. With a sensor operation and easy surface mounting, this slimmer design proves for a high efficient machine that meets ADA standards for any restroom. The ThinAir® Hand Dryer also features adjustable speed and sound control and an optional on/off heat and a washable pre-filter. Once again proving to be the best quality hand dryer company, Excel Dryer takes drying your hands a step further.

The ThinAir hand dryer shall be guaranteed to be free from defects for a period of five (5) years. Warranty shall include labor performed at factory as well as the repair or exchange of defective parts, at manufacturer's option.

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