Newton ND-TA-SG ThinAir Wall Splash Guard

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Newton ND-TA-SG ThinAir Wall Guards Designed for Excel TA-ABS and TA-SB Hand Dryers

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The hand dryers are SOLD SEPARATELY.

This particular guard is specifically designed for the ThinAir hand dryer from Excel Dryer Manufacturing. Similarly, the design was created to shield the wall from water splashing under a hand dryer. This stainless steel splash guard has a hole laser cut from the upper middle for the ThinAir hand dryer to perfectly fit into it. This hole is where you install the hand dryer to further eliminate any moisture from blowing onto your restroom wall's finish. The ThinAir hand dryer is ADA compliant and the splash guard preserves this important stat.

ThinAir Splash Guard Construction & Installation

The brushed stainless steel finish brings a modern and clean look while delivering effective results. Fabricated of 20 gauge stainless steel with a #4 finish. The overall dimensions are 16” wide x 34” tall.

The splash guard is installed behind the ThinAir hand dryer. You can easily install the guard with industrial double-sided tape or liquid adhesive. Using a liquid adhesive such as silicone or liquid nails can provide a more durable, long lasting installation. 


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