Excel Dryer 89 Series Anti-Microbial Wall Splash Guards

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The Excel Dryer Splash Guards - 89W, 89B, 89S - 2 per Pack

Excel Dryer manufactures a stainless steel, white, and black splash guard to allow for cleaner walls under their hand dryers. These simple to install units provide an extra layer of protection that is easy to clean! Simply use a commercial grade adhesive and these splash guard can last a lifetime. The white and black versions are a antimicrobial plastic and are easy to maintain. Stainless steel units such as the Excel 89S are well known for a great modern aesthetic in a restroom. These 89S clean easily while keeping any moisture off your tile walls. Choose an Excel Dryer wall guard to promote a more hygienic restroom. 


The Excel Dryer XLERATOR Anti-Microbial Wall Guards
The Excel Dryer XLERATOR Anti-Microbial Splash Guards are made specifically to fit underneath your electric hand dryers directly on the wall. They protect your walls from water droplets that can be blown off of wet hands by XLERATOR's powerful air stream.


Download Sheet here. 

Qty: 2 per set
Size: 31 ¾” x 15 ¾” x 1⁄16”
Installation: Mounted with 4 strips of construction grade 3M adhesive tap.
MATERIALS: Wall Guards are constructed of Microban® anti-microbial plastic.
COLORS AVAILABLE: White or Black or Brushed Stainless Steel

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