Diaper Depot 4306 Safe-Sitter Child Protection Seats

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SSC 4306 Safe-Sitter Child Protection Seat
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Strap those loose, crazy children in for their own protection when you use the restroom. These wall or toilet partition mounted child protection seats allow you to buckle your child in when nature calls. By containing those rugrats, you can quickly and safely keep an eye on the kiddo while you use the facilities. This means your toddler isn't roaming around or under random, public toilet stalls. Make sure your restrooms feature these parent friendly option, they may appreciate it enough to give you more business. 

Provide your patrons with a safe and secure place for their child while using your washroom/fitting room. This compact unit fits inside the stall or fitting room without compromising space.


  • Protrudes only 3.625" when closed (ADA 4.4.1 - Protruding Objects)
  • Molded-in hook for purse or bag
  • Mounting template included
  • All installation hardware included
  • Y-harness seat belt for safety
  • Custom colors and logos available (minimums apply)


  • Unit should be constructed from high density polyethylene which prohibits the retention of moisture and odors, reinforced steel rods to increase unit stability.
  • Unit should be provided with the necessary hardware to install on most wall types and a self adhesive sign for installation on rest room door.
  • Unit should be proven to withstand at least 150lbs. of static weight.
  • Unit shall have warning information. 
  • Unit shall be equipped with a genuine Safe-Strap® safety strap and the strap should be a three point harness for extra safety.
  • Unit should have head and side support for added protection.
  • Unit should contain a concave seating area to ensure child’s comfort and protection.
  • Unit should protrude no more than 4” from the wall in it’s closed position and less than 13” when fully open.
  • Unit should contain punch-out pre-drilled holes.
  • The seat should be able to fold up for compact storage when not in use.
  • Unit should be equipped with a molded-in diaper bag hook for customer convenience.
  • Unit should be provided with a mounting template for easy installation.
  • All hardware for installation in most wall types should be provided.
  • Unit should comply with the following ADA Accessibility Guidelines when applicable and installed to the manufacturer’s specifications.


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